Since its inception in 1985, Perak Duck Food Industries Sdn Bhd has been using the most cutting-edge technology to develop duck feed. Presently, as the leader in the duck industry, we have set up various subsidiaries to handle stock farms, a hatchery, a feed mill, a breeding ground, a slaughter house and a duck processing plant.

The company owns more than 40 stock farms in Perak, Malaysia, covering a thousand acres of land that accommodates tens of thousands of ducks. All our farms are located in the countryside, free from urban pollution and supplied with plenty of clean water, fresh air and electricity for its operations. They are run with a comprehensive management system equipped with an automatic heating system to ensure the best quality duck. Grown up ducks from the farms are exported to Singapore or supplied to our own slaughter house.

The company’s headquarters cum feed mill is located in the industrial zone in Butterworth, Penang. The feed mill has a computerized system for fully automated operations, with all its products scientifically formulated. Painstaking measures are taken in feed production to ensure high hygiene standards and top quality products. The mill produces 600 tons of duck feed daily to cater to both domestic and international markets.

Apart from that, our hatchery and breeding ground, also located in Butterworth Penang, are fitted with hygienic facilities. Every year, the company imports Cherry Valley ducks from England and subject them to advanced processes and systems to produce as many as 7 million ducklings annually. The ducklings are then distributed to various farms where they mature, to be sent to our own slaughter house or exported to Singapore.

The company’s slaughter house and food processing plant are located in Taiping, Perak. The plant is completely air-conditioned, employs cutting-edge technical operations and freezing system to ensure product freshness, with all its facilities in full compliance with international hygiene specifications such as HALAL and HACCP. It is approved by the Veterinary Department of Malaysia. We are ISO 9001: 2005 certified and are in the process of upgrading to ISO 9001: 2015. We are also working towards complying with ISO 22000.

The company’s products are exported to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, the Gulf Arab States as well as other countries and regions.

One of the world’s top duck processing factory, Perak Duck Food Industries Sdn Bhd has been working closely with CF Company in Japan to produce delicious and healthy duck, quality guaranteed. According to the information provided by the Frozen Food Association, an R&D team from Japan discovered that there are abundant nutrients in duck, e.g. fatty acids, Vitamin A, B2 and minerals. Another study reveals that eating duck can help lower lipid level in the body and improve blood circulation, ample proof of the fact that duck is one of the most nutritious meat.